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Fukushima – Limits of BCM – Hope on Solidarity

One year ago, northern Japan was hit by a triple cut, devastating a whole region, killing a many people, spoiling the life of so many others, and the aftermath hasn’t ended yet. An earthquake at first, a tsunami caused by that earthquake and rushing over the shuttered costs, and nuclear power plant shaken up by the earthquake and submerged by the floolds, and subsequently a melt down of at least one reactor. The land laid waste.

There are certainly a lot of things to learn from this catastrophe, but for today let’s stick to the fundamental lessons:

  • The event as well as the impacts were beyond human control. BCM couldn’t help that.
  • Being prepared, as Japan was, does help a lot to preserve human life and mitigate the impacts.
  • Taking care of the people was the most important duty, next to the effort to reduce the technical catastrophe at the power plant.
  • Without human solidarity, that is an emotion fundamental to forming and functioning of any human society, the strength to respond and to take care would fail, no matter how good preparation would be.

Author: TTeichmann

IT is my business since 1985, focused on IT security since 1999. I built up several IT networks as security based architectures. In 2007 business continuity management came into my portfolio. I feel open minded, keeping an eye on things evolving, trying to find solutions that meet business needs while security requirements are kept high. ITsec, ITSCM and BCM are necessarily part of cost efficient IT delivery today.

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