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India Power Outage – Rising Issues in a Rising State

Recent power outage in vast regions of India seem to be an indicator for a rising problem to the nations industry. Local business represantetives seem to be upset, while politics and responsibles for electric power supply try to reassure that they are aware of the challenge and that such a breakdown will not happen again. Yet it seems that there are problems on all levels, form sufficient power generation to the grid and local power distribution.

This of course is no surprise, as specifically energy intensive industries and polluting industries have moved from Europe and North-America to the rising giants like China and India.

If already Germany is discussing the quality of its electric power network or grid, it must be a challenge to provide the power needed for industry and services in such a large union of states that form India. It will even be more demanding, when concern on pollution and social standards will rise along with the nations welfare.

Eventually, the regions most hit by the blackout are those rich states that saw succesful installations of big industries and where a middle class is aspiring to European standards of living. And this standard is measured by an up to date home machinery, like dishwasher, large TVs, large fridges and the like that consumes electric power and specifically in summertime. (Cf. the cited article in the Economic Times expecting everyone to connect home devices to an intelligent grid; this is certainly not the issue a peasant has to deal with, or the workers dismantling wracks on the shore).

From the European point of view it needs be stated that similar, unexpected interruptions have to be taken into account when procurring from India.

See Times of India (Patna) on Chamber of Commerce urging the State Electricity Board

Where it seems that other topics matter more, as shows the portal of the India Times.

The Economic Times really is concerned.

Zusammenfassung in Deutsch:

Der Stromausfall in Nordindien am 30. und 31. Juli ist auf die Überlastung der Netze und der zu geringen Kapazitäten der Erzeuger zurückzuführen. Angesichts des enormen Wirtschaftswachstums Indiens ist dies nicht überraschend, und mit Lieferverzögerungen infolge solcher Störungen muss man weiter rechnen.

Author: TTeichmann

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