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Like the White Knight of Alice – Be Prepared

One motto of Business Continuity Management reads: “Be prepared.”
It is more about a state of mind then preventive action, but of course prevention needs to be done as well.

Yet, when I recently had a glimpse into a fine edition of Alice in Wonderland, or more precisely Through the Looking-Glass of late Charles Dodgson, commonly known as Lewis Carrol, I was apt to smile on the thought of prevention.

Alice meets a Knight, indeed a White Knight, in the woolds of Wonderland, and that Knight really is prepared for all kind of incidents that might occur while riding on a horse, looking for good deeds to be done. Alice, seemingly naive, does not grasp the sense of the very preventions this Knight has taken.

‘I was wondering what the mouse-trap was for,’ said Alice. ‘It isn’t very likely there would be any mice on the horse’s back.’

‘Not very likely, perhaps,’ said the Knight: ‘but if they do come, I don’t choose to have them running all about.’

‘You see,’ he went on after a pause, ‘it’s as well to be provided for everything. That’s the reason the horse has all those anklets round his feet.’

‘But what are they for?’ Alice asked in a tone of great curiosity.

‘To guard against the bites of sharks,’ the Knight replied. ‘It’s an invention of my own.’

You can find this text in the Project Gutenberg, Through the Looking Glass. – Chapter VIII – It’s My Own Invention

Since, anytime I find myself listening to the statement, that Business Continuity does not handle the likelihood of an incident, I think about the Knight and his mouse-trap.


Author: TTeichmann

IT is my business since 1985, focused on IT security since 1999. I built up several IT networks as security based architectures. In 2007 business continuity management came into my portfolio. I feel open minded, keeping an eye on things evolving, trying to find solutions that meet business needs while security requirements are kept high. ITsec, ITSCM and BCM are necessarily part of cost efficient IT delivery today.

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