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The Sony breach – and the usual suspect

This whole story of the Sony breach and the insinuation on North Korea makes me feel uneasy. I got the impression that evidence is missing and replaced by dubious statements, which stem from the same source and cannot be verified nor falsified.

The position of Sony is certainly most uncomfortable, being hacked first, suffering loss of data with huge economic impact, then being pressed to show their film, all this without exactly knowing (or showing ?) the real source behind this. Not enough, the official response of the state institutions is of no help to recover to daily business, as it keeps up confrontation.

Eventually BCM and PR of Sony are really in a challenge not to say anything in public that might offend any of those others players they probably had not in mind as stakeholders.

Maybe that is a flaw of big organizations, that states become their stakeholders. To understand this special kind of stakeholder a special kind of knowledge is required, taking into account the changes of interest this stakeholder is subject to.


Author: TTeichmann

IT is my business since 1985, focused on IT security since 1999. I built up several IT networks as security based architectures. In 2007 business continuity management came into my portfolio. I feel open minded, keeping an eye on things evolving, trying to find solutions that meet business needs while security requirements are kept high. ITsec, ITSCM and BCM are necessarily part of cost efficient IT delivery today.

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