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The FBI pretends to donate me 8 million

Yes, eight million dollars.

You do not believe ? Look at this snapshot of an e-mail I recently received.

FBI mail about eight million

FBI mail about eight million

Now, what I am wondering is – who falls to such a simple trick ?

But it seems that people, though not blindly believing the text of such a message, get a feeling that they are addressed in person, and that they should find out, who is cheeting them. So they click here and there or reply to the mail.

No – don’t do that. Do not try to investigate on your own if you are not well prepared and know a lot of the ways the guys behind it act. Just delete it. Do not try to understand. Do not feel personally hurt. Just delete it. And keep on doing what you intended to do before.


Author: TTeichmann

IT is my business since 1985, focused on IT security since 1999. I built up several IT networks as security based architectures. In 2007 business continuity management came into my portfolio. I feel open minded, keeping an eye on things evolving, trying to find solutions that meet business needs while security requirements are kept high. ITsec, ITSCM and BCM are necessarily part of cost efficient IT delivery today.

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