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Contre le harcèlement – Safer Internet Day 2015

Dans le monde du business on en a presque pas pris note: le Safer Internet Day 2015, qui a eu lieu le 10 février 2015. On parle beaucoup de l’awareness dans les milieus de le sécurité de l’information, mais on laisse passer des occasions pareilles. Je ne fais pas exception.

C’est vrai aussi que cette action  mondiale s’adresse d’abord jeunes. Mais ce sont ces jeunes qui, quelques années après, entreront dans les entreprises, pleins d’envergure, et doivent se conformer aux règles d’un usage sécurisé et soumis à des contraintes due à la sécurité. Alors, mieux vaut de soutenir des actions pareilles.

voir par exemple tice

Safer Internet Day – did you know ?

On Tuesday, 10th of February, a global campaign took place called Safer Internet Day. Looks beeing an attempt to raise awareness on safety in the use of that fascinating internet by teens and twens. Though on the other hand, the use of so called social media is boringly trivial to the kids.

Honestly, I missed the date and only stumbled over it by some other newsletter which took also notice – afterwards.

Did anyone around here make use of this virtual event for his awareness programme ?

Safer Internet site

The Sony breach – and the usual suspect

This whole story of the Sony breach and the insinuation on North Korea makes me feel uneasy. I got the impression that evidence is missing and replaced by dubious statements, which stem from the same source and cannot be verified nor falsified.

The position of Sony is certainly most uncomfortable, being hacked first, suffering loss of data with huge economic impact, then being pressed to show their film, all this without exactly knowing (or showing ?) the real source behind this. Not enough, the official response of the state institutions is of no help to recover to daily business, as it keeps up confrontation.

Eventually BCM and PR of Sony are really in a challenge not to say anything in public that might offend any of those others players they probably had not in mind as stakeholders.

Maybe that is a flaw of big organizations, that states become their stakeholders. To understand this special kind of stakeholder a special kind of knowledge is required, taking into account the changes of interest this stakeholder is subject to.

Je suis Charlie Hebdo

Quelle douleur pour les blessées, les proches des personnes tuées ou blessées, sous choc. Quelle mort insensée des victimes.

C’est l’heure du deuil.

Qu’est-ce que ça à voire dans un blog à vocation professionelle ? Beaucoup, je crois. Dans les discussions profesionelles cherchant à contribuer à des solutions, la liberté de l’expression, le débat libre, font partie des conditions nécessaires pour découvrir des solutions dans un contexte social. Le respect de chacun pour chacun est la force qui permet de travailler ensemble au bout de controverses de métier et sympathies ou antipathies des personnes engagées.

Ce soir j’irai au consulat de France. Par respect.

Toujours consterné
Thomas Teichmann

Sie misstrauen Ihrer sozialen Intelligenz ? Dann brauchen Sie diese App vom Fraunhofer Institut.

Manchmal hat man es schwer, weil man das Gegenüber nicht richtig einschätzen kann. Sagt es die Wahrheit ? Ist es genervt ? Kann ich jetzt noch ein kritisches Thema ansprechen ?
Nun – die Rettung naht. Wenn Sie eine objektive Einschätzung benötigen, bekommen Sie die von der App SHORE vom Fraunhofer Institut. Eine google Glass wird gebraucht, die App muss noch installiert werden, und dann erhalten Sie mit einem verstohlenen Blick in die Brille die Kontrolle über die Situation.

Aus Biometrie wird Emometrie. Die Gefühlsaudrücke wurden vermessen, wahrscheinlich in psychologischen Studien an den berühmten zweitausend amerikanischen Versuchsmäusen, statistisch ausgewertet, in ein Modell gegossen, und dieses Modell in eine App programmiert.
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TTIP, CETA, CISA – Free Trade vs. SMB ?

As consultations move forward between European Commission and US Government towards a free trade agreement known as TTIP, business representatives are mainly cited as awaiting desperately the conclusion of this treaty. However it is doubtful whether the terms of this agreement are favorable to small or medium business. Though some may take advantage, for a large majority there is no improvement to expect, while risks are ahead.

It will most certainly end in market conditions favorable to large companies or corporations, while small units will be pushed to act as subs to large entities to gain access to markets at all. The fact that negotiations are held in secret from public is most discomforting. Representatives of large lobby groups, dominated my big corporations, are directly involved and claim publicly success of their influence.

If it is all about non-tarifary inhibitions to markets, then let the standard organizations like ISO do their work. But it seems it is more about deregulation. Deregulation all very fine, should some bureaucratic non sense be abolished. But this kind of warcry should not overtake against necessary protective and preventive rules. Markets should serve peoples needs or business requirements. Necessarily they belong to regional or local culture, and hence some regulations stem from this cultural differences. SMB serves these in an appropriate way, while large corps serve best overall infrastructure. Yet the large ones should not need public pimpup at the disadvantage of their small competitors.

TTIP, CETA and CISA imho are not favouring free trade but contribute to a distortion of market mechanism. The word will seem more global on the slides, while variety will diminish and welfare is set at risk.

For CETA there is a detailed analysis at hand, though from a critical source, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, since september 2014. Should have a look at this if you are responsible for a SMB.

There is more to be sais from the BCM point of view.