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Like the White Knight of Alice – Be Prepared

One motto of Business Continuity Management reads: “Be prepared.”
It is more about a state of mind then preventive action, but of course prevention needs to be done as well.

Yet, when I recently had a glimpse into a fine edition of Alice in Wonderland, or more precisely Through the Looking-Glass of late Charles Dodgson, commonly known as Lewis Carrol, I was apt to smile on the thought of prevention.

Alice meets a Knight, indeed a White Knight, in the woolds of Wonderland, and that Knight really is prepared for all kind of incidents that might occur while riding on a horse, looking for good deeds to be done. Alice, seemingly naive, does not grasp the sense of the very preventions this Knight has taken.

‘I was wondering what the mouse-trap was for,’ said Alice. ‘It isn’t very likely there would be any mice on the horse’s back.’ Continue reading